Brent martone - "One for the road"


brent martone - "One for the road"

"this record is for anyone who's ever fallen in love with a piece of blacktop while listening to a bon jovi record with the top down on a long lonesome night. you're never gonna see that same piece of pavement again. those cracks in the moonlight or the maggoty roadkill guts that fill them up. someone was born there, probably, and i intend to die there listening to that same sammy hagar song we used to together back in the old days when things were simpler and a man was allowed to marry inanimate pieces of man made stone. those were the days. the good old days. this is one for the road.

(I wrote, recorded and released one song every week for the first 6 months of 2017. these are some of my favorites.)"